If you have tight and urgent deadlines, special projects, rework projects Global Trade Logistics is the solution. We have experience with many assembly projects located in Mexico. We can offer you cost effective benefits.

If you also need us to supply: boxes or packaging materials for having done your project just let us know and we will get everything together in order to finish a quality project for you.

At GTL we know the importance of THE CUSTOMER SERVICE

We know what works and what doesn’t. We will work to understand your company’s particular issues and then we’ll design a solution designed to remedy them.

Customer service advisor:

  • Fast response
  • Customer surveys
  • Instantly Feedback
  • Personalized Attention


Rework projects includes:

  •    Quality Inspection services
  •    Recounting
  •    Sorting
  •    Visual Inspection
  •    Unpacking into new cartons
  •    Re-labeling
  •    Repair services
  •    Replacing outdated packaging
  •    Unwrapping and re-shrink wrapping

GTL: One of Northwest Mexico’s leading supply chain partners, providing world-class 3PL, warehousing, assembly and return logistics