Global Trade Logistic’s status as a certified Service Maquiladora under Mexican law allows us to import components and raw materials into Mexico for maquiladoras and their suppliers without paying import duties.

 The Advantages

  • Manufacturers get Just-In-Time access to materials without the fixed overhead costs of storage.
  • Suppliers extender their local presence in Mexico without the cost of setting up a dedicated facility.


GT Logistic’s dedication to providing excellent customer services, and consolidated transfer documents through our in-house import/export department, have made us the #1 provider of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services in Northern Mexico.


GTL reduces your logistics costs.

  • Consolidate goods into fewer shipments.
  • Select the best way of controlling inventory management overhead costs.
  • Control you express shipping costs.
  • Be aware of non-tariff trade barriers.
  • Focus on reducing the variable costs.

GTL: One of Northwest Mexico’s leading supply chain partners, providing world-class 3PL, warehousing, assembly and return logistics