Discover our low cost product manufacturing in Mexico with a proven efficiency and a certified quality. We assure you quick and easy assembly at inexpensive labor rates!

Our customers already know why GT Logistic’s assembly & packaging services are world class: we use strict quality procedures and leverage the advantages of our cross border operations for our clients.

Gift Assembly Product

Global trade Logistics has experience in most of the seasonal kits and gifts set item, assembly:

  •    Gift Set Assembly
  •    Kit assembly
  •    Retail Cosmetic-Fragrances Kit assembly
  •    Wrapped basket assemblies
  •    Seasonal Gift Basket Assembly
  •    Art/Craft Assembly
  •    Piece kits
  •    Pop Display (Counter Display, Pallet Display)
  •    Shrink wrapping
  •    Kit fulfillment
  •    Multi-Pack shrink wrap
  •    Store pack


Hand Assembly

If you are looking for a simple hand assembly or a complete assembly department contact Global Trade Logistics. GTL has the skilled labor and plenty capacity adjustable to your needs. Our low costs assembly in Mexico can be really reliable for you, save money. Contact Us! Save time…Outsource your solution.

 This is an easy, quick and cheap solution just send us pictures and a sample from your product and we can give you a pricing proposal, if your assembly project needs more than a simple production line we can outsource the solution for you and coordinate everything until the product is on the final client.



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